Paper Exams

Although you may be enrolled in an online course, some courses may require a paper exam that has to be completed with an in-person proctor.

NOTE: The available proctoring options are subject to change based on the decision of the instructor and what options they choose for their course.

In-Person Proctoring Only

When testing in person for a paper exam, once you’ve officially scheduled your exam with a proctor and the exam becomes available, a PDF file of your exam will be sent to your proctor’s SmarterProctoring account. After you’ve checked in with them, your proctor will print out the exam and administer it to you. At the completion of your exam, your proctor will scan all exam pages and used scratch paper into one PDF file, then upload it back to SmarterProctoring or email it to You will also be required to provide postage to your proctor, so they can mail your exam back to our physical address.

Important Reminders

  • Confirm with your proctor that they have received your exam before arriving to test.
  • Put your name and CWID on the exam.
  • Read all instructions.
  • Do not write on the back of your pages to make scanning easier.
  • After completion, confirm with your proctor that they have scanned all pages and either uploaded everything to SmarterProctoring or sent them to UA Online Testing Services.

Online Version of a Paper Exam

Some students may have the option to take an online version of a paper exam. However, that option depends on what proctoring options the instructor has allowed for their course. If you have the option to take an online version of a paper exam, the process is slightly different from testing in person and there are a few guidelines you’ll need to follow.

Testing Guidelines

  • An internal or external webcam is required. During the session, you must be visible at all times.
  • A printer with scanning capabilities is required.
  • You must log into Blackboard directly and not through myBama. myBama is a timed portal and will log you out of your exam and prevent your answers from saving.
  • Exam sessions must be completed in one session. Once the exam timer has started, it cannot be stopped.
  • All answers and scratch work must be done on blank paper. You are NOT allowed to print off the exam.
  • Once the exam is complete, all answers and scratch work must be scanned and uploaded into one PDF file. The file will then need to be uploaded to the Blackboard exam BEFORE submitting the exam.

Students will have a specific amount of time for the exam and for scanning and uploading. It will be your responsibility to monitor your time and use it wisely.