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For Faculty

For Faculty

What We Offer

UA Online Testing Services handles all online (OL) and online main (OLM) courses that require proctored exams. We work closely with instructors to ensure we have all the exam information before the beginning of classes so that we can set up proctored testing in their course(s) in Blackboard.

We offer three types of proctoring services.

  • Online Proctoring With Examity. Examity is a third-party service that allows students to take their exams online with a webcam.
  • Off-Campus Proctoring With an In-Person Proctor. This option allows students to take their exams with an in-person proctor that meets the required criteria and has been vetted and approved by our office. Students will use a service called SmarterProctoring to schedule with an approved proctor for their exams.
  • On-Campus Proctoring With the UA Testing Services Office located at Houser Hall. This option is available to students in the Tuscaloosa area or within driving distance of campus.

Required Notification for Proctored Testing

To adhere to all SACS guidelines and policies, courses requiring proctored exams must state the requirements before students register for a class. Students must be informed of the possibility of additional expenses before registration.

Once registration starts and students begin scheduling, UA Online Testing Services cannot offer proctoring services if their course doesn’t have this wording. Whoever adds course information in your department is responsible for adding this wording for the semester.

Example course proctoring notice wording:

For Faculty - Notes

Proctored Exam Information Survey

To ensure we have everything we need to set up a course for proctored testing, we will send out a Proctored Exam Information Survey to all our online instructors who have course listings that mention that proctored exams are required for their course. We will use your contact information in Banner to send out the survey, so please make sure it is up to date.

While we are setting up proctored exams in your Blackboard course, please be aware that we may ask to meet with you virtually one on one to discuss your survey response and any special instructions your exams may require.


After proctored testing has been set up in your course, we send an email to the students providing information about the available proctoring options.

We’ll send a copy of the student email to the instructor and also ask you to send us any ODS forms you receive. Instructors can also let us know if any exam dates need to be changed or if a student needs to take a make-up exam.

Incident Reports

Our goal is to protect the academic integrity of our students, school records and to maintain the integrity of the exam. Distance learning and online students are held to the same code of conduct as main campus students.

Proctors report any suspected incidents of academic misconduct to our office. We’ll perform our investigation process and notify the instructor if our findings confirm any misconduct allegations.