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For Proctors

For Proctors

Proctoring Exams for UA Online Testing Services

Thank you for proctoring exams for The University of Alabama. UA Online Testing Services is using SmarterProctoring to schedule our off-campus proctored exams. Therefore, all proctors must have a SmarterProctoring account and will be vetted and approved by UA Online Testing Services.

To add yourself or your institution to our approved proctor list, visit SmarterProctoring to sign up. You must select a proctor classification from the list below. Find detailed steps for signing up as a proctor on the UA Online Testing Services website.

  • After you have completed all registration steps
  • the student has requested for your approval in their account,
  • your request will be sent to UA Online Testing Services for approval.
  • It will take 4-5 days for the approval process to be completed.

Once your account has been activated or if you already have an account, please sign in to Smarterproctoring.

SmarterProctoring Proctor Classification

  • Librarian (must be employed by library)
  • Testing Center (Sylvan Learning Center)
  • Institutional Testing Center (2-4 year regionally accredited college with a testing center)
  • Military Personnel (active duty only)
  • Military Base Testing Center
  • Educational Professional (high school teacher, principal, counselor – Early College only)

What is an Acceptable Proctor?

What are the criteria for being an off-campus in-person proctor for UA?

  • A two- or four-year college with a testing services area.
  • An approved education center or tutoring center, such as Sylvan Learning Center.
  • An approved public library with a currently employed librarian.
  • High school principal, advisor, or teacher (UA Early College students only).

What are the criteria for being an off-campus in-person proctor for a UA active duty soldier?

  • Education Center at the soldier’s installation
  • Commissioned Officer (0-1 and above)
  • Warrant Officer (W-1 and above)
  • Senior NCO (E-7 and above)

Who is NOT an ACCEPTABLE Proctor?

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Co-workers (to include supervisor, HR rep, etc.)
  • Traveling proctor (proctor who is not employed at the testing location)
  • Academic advisors, instructors or professors