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Exam Troubleshooting & Tips

Exam Troubleshooting & Tips


Technical issues can come up when using Examity and nothing is worse than having something go wrong in the middle of your session. So, before starting a session with Examity, please go through this checklist below to make sure you have everything in order.

  • Make sure you are not using a Chromebook or iPad (must be a laptop or desktop computer)
  • Make sure your computer and browser are up to date with system updates
  • Check to make sure your internet connection is good
  • Google Chrome is preferred
  • Make sure screen sharing/screen recording computer settings are enabled for Google Chrome (see Examity Troubleshooting Guide)
  • Clear your cookies and cache as well as browsing history
  • Enable pop-ups and allow cookies in browser settings
  • Log into Blackboard directly at and not through myBama
    • myBama is a timed portal that can log you out of your exam and prevent your answers from saving
  • If you are still having issues after going through this checklist and you are using Google Chrome, try signing out of your Google account and try going through your session signed out

Examity Troubleshooting Guide

Examity offers a troubleshooting guide to help students through their online proctoring process. Similar to the checklist above, there are instructions and tips about common issues you may have with beginning your exam, Chrome Extensions, exam passwords, etc. Before starting your session, take a look at the guide to make sure you’re prepared.